We, JIGRA management staffs, are dedicated to perform beyond the contracted and promised agreement in the sense of partnership. However, at times when unexpected circumstances happened beyond our control, we then set out to resolve the difficulty and attend to rectify the situation by notifying our customers in the right time. Bringing up solutions in a correct, well-considered and flexible manner is another element of our perception of commitment. We aspire for and aim at getting it corrected immediately and deliver as promised.


JIGRA has developed a loyal client base for decades and has established close relationships and good partnership with suppliers and buyers. These relationships are based on trust, consistence and performance over many years. We continue to grow with our existing clients and new ones that we keep adding as we continue to flourish. We always need the existing customers to go with us long journey and to promote our business for the new ones. This is happening with our scope, consistency and performance of supply. We strongly believe that quality in all dimensions is key factor for good relationships with our clients and suppliers.

We provide unlimited professional technical supports and advices on the nature and application of our chemicals to our customers. At JIGRA, we work for our customers to enjoy the highest standards of excellence. We accept 100% returns if our items don’t match with the customers’ requirements.

We, at JIGRA, believe that time is the all important criterion like quality. We are ready to deliver customer orders not just on specific date but also at a specified time of the day. Our experience has helped us to understand the actual operational performances of the sea carriers as well as inland transporters for practical planning; we always keep the minimum safety stock in the warehouse for regular supplies for our loyal and dependent customers. In addition, for the efficient and effective distribution, we have allied with big, medium and small trucks transporters.


Conformity assessment

Our Company evaluates the supplier competence and good repetition through sample analysis and Supplier’s Competence Evaluation System. We always request samples before the bulk order and give trial order for the selected suppliers which comply to our requirements based on clear specifications. We take samples from the new arrivals for testing by our own technical staffs, our customers and the national laboratories (whenever third body conformity assessment is required), to make sure that the imported chemicals meet the desired quality requirements.

Technical assistance and after-sales follow up

Our company provides technical assistance to its customers on the nature and use of chemicals; and makes after sales follow up to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the quality of our chemicals. We also provide the necessary technical assistance to bridge the gap (if any) by providing technical specification data sheets (TSDS), material safety data sheet (MSDS), certificate of analysis (COA) and other required information and procedures.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Our Company is developing total quality management system to build a quality culture in the company structure that enables us to serve our customers in the possible optimal way. We are very committed to supply range of chemicals consistently that meet customers’ requirements first and every time. TQM helps us to create very good understanding among all actors in the supply chain.

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